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Champions League promotion. We love football!

We offered a promotion for Real Madrid fans and now it is time to make it for Atleticos. We, as beautiful Russian escorts in Madrid, are always looking for meeting interesting and powerful men. And football fans are one of those men who we love to meet.

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An hour of a Russian escort with an Indian businessman

An Indian had booked me for an early morning session before leaving for his country. He was a business executive and wanted to spend some time with a beautiful Russian escort, but unfortunately he didn’t have so much time to spend it.

He arrived to my apartment on time. I made him a breakfast of omelet with coffee. We had an interesting conversation during breakfast. He told me that he was a jeweler from Jaipur and had come to Madrid for business tie up with leading Spanish companies.

Unlike most of men, this guy was quite shy in approaching me. He blushed frequently while chatting. Looking at his shy approach, I put my hand on his hand and sat quite close to him. I kissed him gently on the lips to excite his passion. At the same time, I unzipped his pants to get a feel of his cock. Now, he was excited enough. He lay me down gently on the bed, fondle my bosom and untied my gown to get a feel of my skin. He kissed me feverishly on lips while his hands fondled my bosom. He moved to my neck from lips and kissed all over it while his hands unbuttoned my bra. We embraced each other tightly such that not even air passed between us. The Indian businessman kept on kissing on my neck while holding me tight in his arms.

From neck, his lips fastened on my bosom. Then, he laid me down on bed and run his hands all over my body. I felt a sensation in my body as his handstouched my navel, bosom and his fingers touched my lips. Seeing me excited enough, he spread my legs wide open to enjoy my body. He inserted his cock gently inside me. He kept on moving it for some moments till he ejaculated inside. Both of us achieved our sexual orgasms at the same time, which is a wonderful feeling, as you all know.

After that, he took a 15 minutes rest before moving back to his life. He thanked me for such a lovely service and promised to visit me again. Though being a Russian escort, sex is for a short duration, I have to say that it was so intense that I still remember it.


A hot Russian escorts photo shoot in Madrid.

It was dream came true for me as I had dinner with a famous Italian photographer. He was 42 years old, well built and quite a charmer. We had a great time during dinner. He told me all about the latest scoops, casting couch tales from fashion world as well as Hollywood. I had a great time listening to them.

After dinner, we went to his hotel room where he showed me what he is capable of. The guy requested me to take off my clothes as the apartment door was shut. I knew how to handle this situation, as I am working with this Russian escorts agency, so I obliged to him also and immediately appeared in lingerie. For some moments, he kept on looking at my natural curves. I blushed the way he looked at me. Then, he came beside me and ran his hands all over my soft skin. I could see his organ getting hard when his hands move over my soft body.

After getting a touch of my soft skin, the guy laid me down gently on the bed to enjoy my youthful body. He took out some oil from his bathroom cupboard to apply on my body. He started applying oil from my legs and then move to all over my body. He moved quite gently and slowly on my body. I moaned when his firm hands moved over my soft skin. When I was oiled enough, he came on top of me, fondled my hair and kissed me gently on the lips. He was an experienced player as our kissing was quite intense. We kept our lips locked for some minutes till he moved down on my neck and poured soft kisses all over it. I just loved the way he played with my body. From neck, he moved down to my bosom and fastened his lips on my bosom for a while.

He kept on doing this for a while till he surprised me by holding me tight in his arms and made me sit on the bed with our face facing each other. For some moments, he kept on looking into my eyes. It was quite a romantic moment which seldom comes in our life. He touched my lips with his fingers and then kissed me passionately simultaneously he spread my legs wide open and inserted his cock deep inside my body. I felt like being in heaven when he kissed and fucked me simultaneously. I was already wet with his foreplay activity. As he cock slipped inside my body quite easily. Soon, both of us achieved our desired result in sex i.e. orgasm.

After a great sex, sleep came natural to us. We slept deeply in each other arms till the morning came up. He kept his promise by taking some great photos nude as well as well clothes. I felt like a supermodel at that moment. After photo-shoot, both of us went to our normal day routine life.

Till date, it is one of my best sexual experiences which I fondly remember. Be part of the escorts Madrid brings me the change to do these things and ... I am happy!


A Russian escort playing a hot army officer in Madrid

I always wanted to be an Army officer. In-fact, I appeared for the test too. But, fate had something else stored for me. I became a professional escort and joined this Russian escorts agency in Madrid, but still I wanted to dawn an army dress for an hour.

One day my dream turned into reality as my client wanted me to play a sexy army girl. My client was in army too and wanted to satisfy his lust of enjoying a lovely army girl.

I arrived wearing an army dress wearing a white shirt along with long skirt with an army cap on my head. I blushed when people saluted me as I arrived in my date hotel room. I was glad that people thought of me as real army officer.

Moving back to my encounter, I arrived in his hotel suite sharp at 7:00 pm. My client was in early fifties, well build and quite a gentleman. He made me a glass of wine on arrival. There was something mix in the drink as I felt dizzy after having it. Unknowingly, I felt in my general arms. The general lifted me to the bed where he unbuttoned my shirt, removed my pants to made me appear in lingerie.

For some moments, he kept running his firm hands on my body for a while. I loved it when his hands fondled my bosom, ran over my navel and his firm fingers touched my lips. My client than lie on top of me and kissed me passionately on the lips. He was expert in kissing. I loved it when he rolled his tongue inside my mouth. While kissing, he ran his hands over my bare back. It was quite a magical experience.

From lips, he poured down soft kisses all over my neck and finally his lips ended on any man favorite parts i.e. my bosom. He sucked my nipples for a while till he move down on my navel and rolled his tongue all over it.

But, the best part of sex came when he kissed my clean pussy. I got so excited at that moment that tears started coming out of my eyes. When he did this, I started feeling wet between my legs. Finally, I spread my legs to give him an indication that I am ready to accept him. The guy inserted his cock inside my vagina gently and moved it in all directions till he ejaculated inside my body.

Both of us achieved our sexual orgasms at the same time. When he had satisfied me, he gave me a warm kiss on the lips and lie down beside me. Both of us went to deep sleep after that.

I was semi conscious when he enjoyed me and had no idea what happened most of the time. The general had recorded the whole clip on his phone and showed it to me. He was quite a gentleman as he deleted the video soon after seeing it.

Be an escort has these things. He thanked me before leaving me and promised me to visit again. Overall, it was a great sexual experience which I would like to repeat again. I know a few escorts Madrid who also make their fantasies live. And all of them really enjoyed it deeply.


Escort in Madrid experience. My friend Swami.

Indian men are quite shy of approaching women. I am saying this because I encountered an Indian guy last month who was in his mid thirties, but hasn’t experience neither having sex before nor meeting an escort in Madrid.

My Indian client name was Swami and he worked in an IT company. He booked me for late night hours after working tirelessly all week. Swami arrived sharp on time. He was dark, wore spectacles and was quite slim. As I opened the door, he just stood on the door like an obedient child. He was too shy to come in. I requested him politely to do come in. He came nervously and sat on the sofa like a nice boy.

I made him a drink to calm his nerves and sat close to him. As a professional escort, I always try to strike friendship with my client before going for main act. I believe that both parties should know each other before getting into main action. My client was too nervous to start a conversation. I asked him about his job profile, his family in India. He told me everything like a child about his personal life.

It was first time in my life that I liked a guy. I asked him whether he had experience sex before. He replied in one word i.e. No.

I gave him a pet kiss on the cheek and then started performing striptease. The music acted like a catalyst on me and my garments went to the floor one by one. Soon, I was completely naked except wearing lingerie and sat on his lap.

Swami was sweating with excitement as I sat on his lap. I gave him a warm kiss to motivate him to make love. He embraced me tightly in his arms and reciprocated with same passion. As we were both lost in kissing, his hands unbuttoned my bra and moved over my bare back. Moving away from my lips, Swami showered sweet kisses all over my neck. Finally, his lips fasten on my bosom. He kept juggling between them. When he had done played enough with my body, how could I be far behind. I removed his pants along with underwear and sucked tip of his cock. I kept on sucking his cock slowly rising heat in his body. I kept on doing this till he gave me a fantastic blowjob.

When I came back after washing myself from oral job, Swami kissed me passionately on the lips and put me gently on the bed. He kept on moving his tongue all over my body while I just enjoyed the motion. He opened my legs wide open and inserted his dick deep inside my body. He moved quite slowly and gently in all directions. Soon, he achieved his sexual climax inside my body while I too got a real orgasm after a long time.

Swami slept beside me after having such a great sex. He gave me a goodbye kiss before going back to his normal life. He thanked me several times for such a great encounter and promised to visit again for such heavenly pleasure. He said he will visit the city again soon and that he will always call an escort in Madrid like me.

I was glad that my profession worked for someone in life. First time in my life, I felt proud as an escort girl.


Gagged up encounter of an escort in Madrid

I was quite nervous about my first bondage experience and that with an Arab Sheikh. I have listened a lot about how Arabs treat their women in bed. Since, it was one of mine first date, I couldn’t refuse it at all. Otherwise, I would have definitely said no to this encounter.

My customer had booked me for late night stay in his hotel room in Madrid. I arrived in his hotel room sharp at 11:00 pm. The Sheikh opened the door for me and made me a drink as I entered the apartment. He was in late 40s or early 50s, quite tall like most of Arab men. I got really nervous when his eyes didn’t move away from my body not even for a second. He kept gazing at me for some time. With some courage, I asked him, “What do you want?”

He replied politely but in frightening manner asked me to take off my clothes. I shivered as he told me to do. But, since I was an escort, I had no choice. I removed my jacket first, then unbuttoned my t-shirt, unzipped my pants and threw them on the ground. Somehow, I didn’t have the courage of taking off my undergarments. The Arab understood my situation and didn’t protest either.

He came closer to me and tied my hands to the back of the chair. He loosened my hair and run his hands all over my body. I chilled with excitement when he fondled my tits. He moved his hands quite frequently over my lips and then came closer to kiss them. As the lips locked; I didn’t know what happened, but all my fears just withered away.

Kissing was just amazing with him. I loved it as our lips were locked for some minutes, then he move down to my neck and showered sweet kisses over there. He moved to my bosom while kissing my neck and suddenly unbuttoned my bra. He fondled my bosom for some minutes and then fastened his lips on my breasts. He moved ferociously from one tit to another for some time. Arab went down further on my body while kissing and finally rested lips on my most sensitive spot i.e. my pussy. He licked my pussy and I started panting heavily with excitement.

When I was enough lubricated, he loosened my ties, took me gently to the bed and inserted his cock inside my body. He kept moving his cock till he ejaculated. After that, he went to a deep sleep beside me. When I woke up, he was gone from hotel room leaving behind a romantic note thanking me for such a wonderful sex. He told me that he would call me again for such a passionate sex.

The best thing that turned out from this sexual encounter was that all my fears about dealing with Arab clients just withered away. In-fact, I would love to get laid again as an escort in Madrid with Arab because they are great lovers in bed.


One day of an escort in Madrid with a college student

I am going to tell you my most interesting sexual encounter of my life. My client was a 20 year old college student who had booked me for an hour, as his parents were away from town. I assumed it to be his first time and it turned out to be true. He arrived in my apartment on time and looked very nervous. He was pure blonde, wore specs was 5 feet, 7 inches tall.

Overall, he had a cute personality appropriate to impress girls of his age. He just kept looking at me and didn’t utter a word. I made him a drink to make him comfortable and started playing soft music to set up the right atmosphere. I performed a striptease to arouse his wild passion. It sure worked out as his mouth was wide open as my clothes went on floor one by one. I could see the bulge arising inside his pants.

Within 10 minutes, I was in lingerie. The boy came close to me and put his hands on my firm bosom. He kept doing this for some time and I could see his organ getting pretty hard. I took off his pants, removed his underwear to get a feel of his hard flesh. I sat on my knees to take his cock inside my mouth. I started slowly and then increase my speed. The guy laughed when I did this and encourage me to keep doing this further. Soon, he ejaculated inside my mouth.

But, we didn’t stop at this. Both of us cleaned ourselves in bathroom and then jumped in bed for more sexual adventures. He jumped on top of me and like a child who has got his favorite toy kissed me passionately on lips. We kept on doing this for some time till he moved down further and kissed me passionately on my neck while his hands squeezed my bosom. He moved down to my bosom and sucked my nipples gently in his mouth. He fondled, kissed and played with them a lot. I too got excited and started moaning heavily in excitement. I hold him tight in my arms to show him how much I love him.

Now, he was really excited and moved his lips all over my body. Starting from lips, moving to my bosom, navel and finally ending on my pussy. I sighed heavily as he kissed my pussy and encouraged him to go further. After that, he made me sit on his lap and inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. He kept moving me up and down while his hands played with my bosom. He pushed his cock further and further inside me till he ejaculated inside my body. We were exasperated after our sexual adventure and I have no idea when we went for a deep sleep. I saw him talking to his mother when I woke up. He thanked me a lot for his great sexual adventure and promised to visit me soon.

I too loved his performance in bed. In fact, it was much better than others.


A night stand of an escort in Madrid with an artist

I still feel wet between my legs when I remember the one night stand I spend with an artist. It was raining heavily when I visited his apartment. I was shivering with cold at that moment. My client took my overcoat made me a glass of wine to calm my spirits. He looked like just any other artist; he had a pony tail, had a beard and was quite well build. The painter came close to me, played with me hair and ran his fingers over my lips. Looking straight into my eyes, he unstrapped my long skirt, unbuttoned my bra and removed my panties too. I was feeling embarrassed of standing naked in front of him.

I covered my breasts with my hands. He removed hands from my chest and looked down at me with full attention. The guy put me gently on bed and rolled his fingers over my nipples. He kept on doing this for some time, later he brought oil from his bathroom cupboard. I knew what he was going to do and let him play his game. In fact, I too wanted to be part of it. I laughed like a child as his hands touched my soft skin.

The Painter started from my soft stomach and frequently moved his hands towards bosom. I sighed and started feeling wet between me. Within minutes, I was oiled well from top to bottom like a lubricated machine. The painter made me sit with our face facing each other and our legs inter crossed. He embraced me tightly in his arms and started pouring sweet kisses all over my neck. He moved down to my bosom while kissing my neck and finally his lips rested on my soft nipples. He moved feverishly from one nipple to another like a hungry child.

While doing this he inserted his cock deep inside my vagina. He kept pushing himself harder and harder while kissing my bosom. I started moaning heavily and in excitement scratch his back with full force. Finally, he hit on my G-spot and I had mine first real orgasm of my life. Both of us were really tired after our making out and went to a deep sleep.

When we woke up, we were in love like a true couple. I gave him a warm kiss on lips and he too reciprocated with full passion. We kept our lips locked for some minutes and then we proceed to our normal routing life. The Painter thanked me a lot for visiting him in such a harsh weather and promise to call me again soon. I hope he does because I really enjoyed getting laid with him.

Seldom you meet a man who treats you nicely and give you ultimate sexual pleasure. Most of the time men use our body like a toy, but it was first time that I was treated nicely off bed and in bed too. It was a marvelous sexual experience that I will always remember in my life as escort in Madrid.